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    Alignment in Expression

    Rob Buque



      In a pivot table, I have the following expression which results in calculated values for "Tot" and "%NStd" screen pasted below.


      =if(columnno()=0, num(round(sum(total <ASSIGNED_TEAM,UW,REPORTING_PERIOD> CNT)),'#,##0')

      &'          '&

      num(round(sum({<REPORTING_PERIOD={'Non-Std'}>}CNT))/round(sum(total <ASSIGNED_TEAM,UW,REPORTING_PERIOD> CNT)),'#,##0%'),num(round(sum(CNT)),'#,##0'))


      As you can see, the alignment for the values under "Tot" goes awry with the varying results under "%NStd".


      What can I put in my expression so that the values under "Tot" are all always right aligned no matter the results under "%NStd"?


      Thank you.PivotTableResults.PNG