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    Force chart to show where Measure = 0

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Folks,


      I have a bar chart which works fine, except for when my measure equals zero.  In these cases, the bar chart doesn't show the name of the dimension, but instead throws away the data point altogether.


      For instance, I have an OnTime Delivery % measure which looks like so:


      count( [Late Delivery])
      (count({$<[AgeBucketDRP]=>}[Ontime Delivery])+ count({$<[AgeBucketDRP]=>}[Late Delivery]))


      This works, until you run into a selection grouping that has 1 delivery that was late (1 - (1 /( 0 + 1)) => 0.  How can I force my chart to show the zero valued measures?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.