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    How to use argb colors that are included in the script?

    Maria Poulsen



      I have a txt file, in which I have defined some colors to use in my charts:


      /* graf farver */

      SET vGrafFarve1 = argb(550,141,170,203);

      SET vGrafFarve2 = argb(500, 0,64,128);         

      SET vGrafFarve3 = argb(500,168,203,46);

      SET vGrafFarve4 = argb(600,128,64,0);

      SET vGrafFarve5 = argb(100,229,182,148);


      It is loaded in the script like this:

      // color palette
      $(Include=E:\QV12 UDVL\Statistik\Standard formater\color_variables.txt);

      In my variable overview it looks like the txt file is correctly loaded:



      When I make a chart and define the colors in the colors tab, I do like this:





      QV says the expression is OK, but it does not give me the defined color??


      Any advice?


      If I write the argb color code, instead of the variable vGrafFarve1, I still dont get the defined color.

      But if a type is as a rgb color and ie. rgb(141,170,203) it gives me ne color I want.


      My question is, can't QV read argb colors?


      Kind regards