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    Problem exporting user selection in QV12

    Mike Flanagan

      I wonder if anyone can shed light on this.  I'm running QV12 without the IE plugin and want exports to Excel to include the user selection by default.


      I've tried adding the statement:





      to the Settings.ini file on the server but that doesn't appear to have done the job.  I actually found two Settings.ini files, in different subfolders of the following on the server: Windows & ProgramData.  I believe the one in ProgramData is the correct one but I've tried both just to be on the safe side.


      I've ensured that I've restarted the services (all services in fact, to be absolutely sure I was restarting the right one) at each stage, but still no luck.  When I go to a document on the Access Point and export to Excel I don't get the user selection.


      I'm scratching my head in confusion now.  Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,