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    Help with Google Rest Connection

    Eduardo DImperio

      Hi everyone,


      I reaally dont understand how this works, dont make any sense to me.


      In my code i get all adress using rest connection, if i save storing one by one, that works fine, but if i try to save all in one single table i receive error in my second record. Any idea why?




      For i_Module =1 to $(vNumDeModules)


      let vIdModule = peek( 'ID_MODULE', $(i_Module) );

      let vLac = peek( 'LAC_HEX', $(i_Module) );

      let vCid = peek( 'CELLID_HEX', $(i_Module) );

      let vMnc = peek( 'MNC', $(i_Module) );


      Let vRequestBody ='';

      Let vRequestBody = vRequestBody&'{"token":"96b1f7a718e6c8","radio":"gsm","mcc":724,"mnc":$(vMnc),"cells":[{"cid":$(vCid),"lac":$(vLac)}],"address": 1}';

      let vRequestBody = replace(vRequestBody,'"', chr(34)&chr(34));


      LIB CONNECT TO 'Unwired ';


        Let total = 0;


        Let totalfetched = 0;

        Let startAt = 0;

        Let pageSize = 100;


        for startAt = 0 to total step pageSize














        FROM (wrap on) "root" FK "__FK_root")

        FROM JSON "_response_header" PK "__KEY__response_header"


        URL "https://us1.unwiredlabs.com/v2/process.php",

        BODY "$(vRequestBody)"



      startAt = startAt + pageSize;


      NEXT startAt;




        '$(vIdModule)' AS ID_MODULE,

        [status]   AS [status],

        [balance]   AS [balance],

        [lat] AS [lat],

        [lon] AS [lon],

        [accuracy] AS [accuracy],

        [address] AS [address],

      GeoMakePoint(Evaluate(lat), Evaluate(lon)) AS Local_Torre

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable

      WHERE NOT IsNull([__FK_root]);





      STORE Torre_Celular_Ind into [lib://Dados/Unificado\Enderecos\Torre_Celular_Teste$(vIdModule).qvd] (qvd); //WORKS


      // AUX:

      // LOAD

      // ID_MODULE,

      // [status],

      // [balance],

      // [lat],

      // [lon],

      // [accuracy],

      // [address],

      // '$(vLac)' AS LAC_DEC, 

      // '$(vCid)' AS CELLID_DEC,

      // '$(vMnc)' AS MNC,

      // Local_Torre

      // RESIDENT [Torre_Celular_Ind]; // If i try concatenate all extracts from google i got error from second record





      [Date] AS [Date]

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable

      WHERE NOT IsNull([__KEY__response_header]);


      DROP TABLES RestConnectorMasterTable,_response_header, Torre_Celular_Ind, ;