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    SET Value evaluation inside a table

    Kannan Sundaram

      I created a short script with variables and Inline table created as shown below.


      LET Var4= 10 ;

      LET Var5 = 20;

      LET Var6 = (Var4)*(Var5) ;

      LET Var7 = $(Var4)*$(Var5) ;

      SET Var8 = $(Var4)*$(Var5);



      LOAD * INLINE [

          Name, Varcols

          Var4, $(Var4)

          Var5, $(Var5)

          Var6, $(Var6)

          Var7, $(Var7)

          Var8, $(Var8)



      When I view the table all Variables are evaluated except var8. What should I do to show Var8 = 200 in the table view on the interface. Thanks for help.