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    Set Analysis: Filter multiple Times in one Column

    Matthias Walter

      Hello Everybody, I have a problem regarding my Qliksense dashboards. I have a simple .csv as Data input with the columns "Date", "Project", "Task #", "Summary" and "Duration".

      My main Dashboard consisted of simple Columns like

      Count (distinct {$<Project={"*ProjectA"} , Summary={"*XY*"}>}[Task #])


      Sum({$<Project={"*ProjectA"} , Summary={ "*XY*"}>}Duration)


      Now, due to internal changes in our Services, I need to filter more detailed in "Summary".


      I tried to do things like this:

      Count (distinct {$<Project={"*ProjectA"} , Summary-={"Z*"} , Summary={"*XY*"}>}[Task #])

      to filter the Tasks which contain the String XY, but not starting with Z.

      But the Result is the same as without the   Summary-={"Z*"}   part.

      When I change the order of the Summary statements, it seems like the first one gets ignored.


      Is there a possiblity to filter the way I want to?


      Thank you in advance very much,