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    Hyperion hfm new database with only 2 Custom columns

    punartha venkat

      Hello all,


      I am connecting to Hyperion data stored in SQL database, i have tried and figured out how the different tables are all related and created the data model in Qlik Sense. Hyperion allows users to create custom dimensions, In the previous versions (prior 11) all fact tables (DCE/DCN/JLENT) had a field where the ID of custom member was in integer format; it was very easy to read those tables putting a relationship between the fact tables and metadata (ITEM) tables.

      But now in order to reduce the size of database the custom dimensions in the application model , is stored in hexadecimal format instead of integer format. My customer data has 4 such custom dimensions and these are stored in 2 columns in the transaction table. So it goes like this:

      • Custom1 + Custom2 : lCustom1
      • Custom3 + Custom4 : lCustom2


      How can i decode these hexadecimal into integer values ? and bigger challenge is how to split the lCustom1 into Custom1 and Custom2 ? Please advice and i thank you all in advance. I am attaching some transaction data that has the lCustom1 and lCustom2 columns.