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    How re-publish qlik sense app without losing user private sheets?

    Simone Crisafio

      Hi All,

      I have a problem with Qlik Sense Server, i want to re-publish an app into one specific stream but before do that i need to save the unapproved sheet create directly on the server.

      To do this, i follow this tips http://www.qliktips.com/2014/10/promote-qlik-sense-sheet-from-community.html and it worked!

      Cool you would say! But after delete the app and reimport the new app into the stream, another user that can edit and create sheet throught the server can't saw anymore his private sheets.

      So my question is...if i need to republish an app and delete the older version, if one or more user have the possibility to edit and create new work sheet will lose their not published sheets? Also if they used their own token access to modify the app?


      Thanks at all for any suggestion!