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    QlikSense Date Format

    Christopher Ellis



      I am trying to format a date from a CSV file that looks like this 15 October 2015 using function like so that it is recognised as a date ;


                Date#(Field,'DD MMMM YYYY') As FormatedDate        //This also makes the date right aligned


      and then use the function in QlikSence 3.2 to create calendar measures and I keep getting the following message;


                No date field detected. Load data containing a date field in the Data manager and try creating a calendar measure again.


      Any advise appreciated.





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          Tomasz Truszkowski

          Try: Date(Date#(Field,'DD MMMM YYYY'))

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            Sunny Talwar

            May be this


            Date#(PurgeChar(Field, ' '),'DDMMMMYYYY') as FormatedDate

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              marco hadiyanto

              Hi Christopher,


              You want to create calendar measurement? So you should generate master calendar, here's script for master calendar :



                DECLARE FIELD DEFINITION Tagged ('$date')


                Dual(Year($1), YearStart($1)) AS [Year] Tagged ('$axis', '$year'),

                Dual('Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),Num(Ceil(NUM(Month($1))/3),00)) AS [Quarter] Tagged ('$quarter', '$cyclic'),

                Dual(Year($1)&'-Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),QuarterStart($1)) AS [YearQuarter] Tagged ('$yearquarter', '$qualified'),

                Dual('Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),QuarterStart($1)) AS [_YearQuarter] Tagged ('$yearquarter', '$hidden', '$simplified'),

                Month($1) AS [Month] Tagged ('$month', '$cyclic'),

                Dual(Year($1)&'-'&Month($1), monthstart($1)) AS [YearMonth] Tagged ('$axis', '$yearmonth', '$qualified'),

                Dual(Month($1), monthstart($1)) AS [_YearMonth] Tagged ('$axis', '$yearmonth', '$simplified', '$hidden'),

                Dual('W'&Num(Week($1),00), Num(Week($1),00)) AS [Week] Tagged ('$weeknumber', '$cyclic'),

                Date(Floor($1)) AS [Date] Tagged ('$axis', '$date', '$qualified'),

                Date(Floor($1), 'D') AS [_Date] Tagged ('$axis', '$date', '$hidden', '$simplified'),

                If (DayNumberOfYear($1) <= DayNumberOfYear(Today()), 1, 0) AS [InYTD] ,

                Year(Today())-Year($1) AS [YearsAgo] ,

                If (DayNumberOfQuarter($1) <= DayNumberOfQuarter(Today()),1,0) AS [InQTD] ,

                4*Year(Today())+Ceil(Month(Today())/3)-4*Year($1)-Ceil(Month($1)/3) AS [QuartersAgo] ,

                Ceil(Month(Today())/3)-Ceil(Month($1)/3) AS [QuarterRelNo] ,

                If(Day($1)<=Day(Today()),1,0) AS [InMTD] ,

                12*Year(Today())+Month(Today())-12*Year($1)-Month($1) AS [MonthsAgo] ,

                Month(Today())-Month($1) AS [MonthRelNo] ,

                If(WeekDay($1)<=WeekDay(Today()),1,0) AS [InWTD] ,

                (WeekStart(Today())-WeekStart($1))/7 AS [WeeksAgo] ,

                Week(Today())-Week($1) AS [WeekRelNo] ;



              DERIVE FIELDS FROM FIELDS [OrderDate] USING [autoCalendar] ;



              Change [OrderDate] to your date field. in your case change [OrderDate] with FormatedDate


              Hope it helps



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                magnus lagerberg


                still cannot figure out how to use the built in autocalendar. E.g. show Sales for InYTD or InQTD. Tried every version of Set analysis I can find but nothing works. Anyone know and can explain?