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    a link table to connect 2 tables that are causing a loop

    Celia Seward

      Hello All.  This might not be do-able, but I'm asking anyway.  Hope it's not too much to ask.

      I’ve attached an excel spreadsheet that shows the layout of my tables.  The problem is that I can’t join “Dcstudents” table because it has same fields as in “CPCFile” and “Mcalendar” (I get a loop).  I need “Dcstudents” to be separated because the disciplineid in the table combines 2 disciplines (so that a student is only counted once). Example, “CPCFile” can have disciplineid 67 and 65, but in “Dcstudents”, I only have 65 (if a student received 67 and 65, the 67 is counted as 65 so that student is counted once if she received 65 and 67).    I need to still somehow connect “CPCFile” and “Dcstudents” because I need to do comparisons in the APP.  Can anyone show me how to build some kind of Link table between “CPCFile” and “Dcstudents” and a Link table between “Dcstudents” and “Mcalendar” (for the Date)?   “CPCFile” and “Dcstudents” need to use the same calendar values, etc.


      Thanks in advance