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    keep level on one page

    Johan Kruize

      Is there a way to keep the information of a level to one page, or, when that is not possible to keep an object printed to the same page?


      I created a report with one main chart and below that a level with a table and a graph.

      when the excel template is printed to pdf, some graphs are devided over two pages. Of course I want a chart on the same page.


      Using another report form (pixelperfect or word etc....) is not an option.

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          Set the page layout inside the Excel template itself.


          In the designer, go to Page Layout on the Excel toolbar:


          Preview the report in PDF format to verify.

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            Ruggero Piccoli

            I think you have to set the page layout parameters (margins, orientation, size, etc) and the charts dimensions.

            In case could you post the template?

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                Johan Kruize

                I have to change a lot of the template before I post it, so I will try to explain the structure of :


                Top of sheet












                The first level block  should be printed at the first page together with the top of sheet.


                The next level block should be printed at the next pages.

                Challenge 1. A level block has to be printed at the same page

                Challenge 2. Per two level blocks appearances one page


                Charts do not always have the same height.

                The number of levels differ per dimension


                So, where do I have put pagebreaks´s ?

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                    Ruggero Piccoli

                    I hope I have to understand well. I think you cannot have this kind of fine control on page breaks on PDF produced from an Excel template due to the nature of Excel that is not designed to produce well formatted PDFs but to create analysis models.


                    If you insert a page break in a Qlik NPrinting Excel template level only the first page break will be copied in the final report right now (June 2017). Following page breakes are not copied (2nd, 3th, etc) as it happens in Word templates.


                    So if using Excel is mandatory and charts do not always have the same height I think the only solution to have a fine control of the pages layout is to:

                    1. Remove the level
                    2. Insert a copy of the charts you need into the template for each value of the fiels in the level
                    3. Add an object filter in each chart
                    4. Control each chart dimensions by setting its properties
                    5. Insert pagebreaks exactly where you want the break
                    6. Use the Excel PAge Break Preview to fine se the pages


                    Of course this solution is very long to be implemented and it is feaseable only if the number of distinc values in the level is limited.


                    The suggested template type to get high quality and control of the output in PDF is PixelPerfect.

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                        Johan Kruize

                        I cannot implement your solution, because the number of level values per "main-dimension" differ.

                        Besides that: I can't hardcode filters for each chart,because they differ too

                        Allthough : perhaps I can give every level value an ascending number


                        I will look at your suggestion to use Pixelperfect. Tried it only once