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    The date problem--multiple same date,creating an extra fields after loading the data

    Celine Xu

      Hi, I attached the data set


      1. try to create a filds buy using 'quantity * unitPrice' for analytics after loading the data. Not sure how to do that


      2. the original formate for Invoice date is 'date and time', then I use EXCEL change it to time

      then when I try to use 'Invoicedate' as filter, it showing me multiple records for same date, e.g. 2010-12-01  but I only want 1, anyone can help me with that?


      trying to use Date as filter to analysis the revenue= quantity * unitPrice for each country and rank it from High to low.



      BTW: any one have good suggestion regarding recover Qlik capability. Haven't use it for analysis for 2 months now, Feel like I am forgetting basic . It is terrible !



      Thank you!