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    How to display a map of the Netherlands on a dashboard?

    Sven van Doorn

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create a map of the Netherlands on neighbourhood level. Something that looks similar to the image below: example.PNG

      I tried to download KML files from several websites but the coördinates never seemed to line up properly on the map. For instance a place that's a few kilometers from my house ended up in the Indian Ocean.


      What I tried:

      1. Downloaded a KML file

      2. Created a new app in Qlik Sense

      3. Prepared and loaded the KML file

      4. Added a map element on the dashboard

      5. Added the dimension: latitude, longitude


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I didn't explain the steps I took in enough detail please let me know. I'm rather new to Qlik Sense.


      With kind regards,