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    AD Group not picking up group name

    Jessica Tung

      We are using NTFS for authorization and AD Group for authentication. 

      There is one QVW app that allows access for all members in a newly created AD group.

      I assigned the group name to distribution list.

      Although the group showed up in distribution list, this approach still failed.

      Then I went to Users Management tab to search a specific user which belongs to this new group, the new group is not in the list.

      (Users->User Managment->Search for user->Groups)

      I made sure this AD group exists, but didn't know why QMC couldn't pick the group up for this user.


      Two questions:

      1. How to retrieve the most recent AD data?

      2. Why is the group available in drop down list but not in user group list?

      3. How does the CAL consumption work as a groupbankwide.png?