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    Question about linking Sharepoint data to Qlikview

    Ko-Ching Lang

      Hi all,


      Thanks in advance for the help! I am working on a project that requires us to link Sharepoint data into Qlikview (ideally we will only have to refresh the data in Sharepoint to get updated dashboard)


      I followed the steps here Sharepoint and Qlikview: How to connect a Sharepoint list to Qlikview and was able to get to step 7 (please see below.)


      7. In the Qlikview script window use the "Web files..." button and paste in you url in the Internet file row and press next.

      8. Under File Type choose Xml and in the Table tab choose "xml/data/row".


      However in step 8 I received an error 'Access is denied' in the Table tab of Qlikview. I did some research and it seems like there are 2 prerequisites to link SP to QB (1) WebClient Service (2) Add Sharepoint site to local intranet sites in the security tab. I've already taken care of (2), as for (1), since we are working on a loaner laptop, this function is locked and we can not manually enable it.

      Before I reach out to the contact to enable WebClient Service, I'd like to see if anyone else has faced this problem before, and if I am on the right direction.... thanks so much for the help, I've learned a lot of great tips in the Qlik community!