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    Select <blank> entries in a table column?

    Omar Pennacchio

      I have a table which contains <blank> entries (showed in color light grey with a sign '-').

      I would like to select these entries - but I cannot filter or select them.


      Is there a best practice - maybe a link to a manual which can help here?


      Example - Column 3 contains 2 values with sign '-' which I cannot select or filter:

      Header 1Header 2Here I would like to select <blank> fields marked with sign -Header 4Header 5
      AppleName 1AlphaOtheradsf
      AppleName 2-Otherqer
      MelonName 3BetaTestasdf
      MelonName 4AlphaTestasdf
      BananaName 5-Testqewqr