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    Nprinting on 2 servers

    Sean Gordon

      NPrinting version 17.3.1


      Hi All


      I am in need of some help.


      I have NPrinting installed on a server with Qlikview and this is running smoothly but when I try connect to another server running QlikSense on the Intranet the engine fails.




      My question is can I use the same engine to connect to another server that runs QlikSense? If I can, how?


      Things I have tried:

      - Ensure the Certificates have been put in for QlikSense on the NPrinting server.

      - Check that all ports are open.

      - Bring the certificates in for both the QlikSense and NPrinting server name as I was unsure which server name was needed when exporting from QlikSense QMC.


      I have attached an extract of the issue in the Engine log file