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    Nprinting export to excel by column locating column position

    Ronald Wang

      When exporting to excel by column, if tick expand range, do we have option whether to expand up-down and left-right. say for example I only want to expand up-down, how can I achieve that? thanks

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          Lech Miszkiewicz


          there is no such option, and to be honest expansion right-left will not apply when exporting to excel by column as you are already predefining number of columns. and they can only expand down.


          The expansion realy works for:

          • down direction with:
            • straight tables &
            • columns
          • down  and right direction with
            • pivot tables


          You can only expand or not expand.

          The other property you may be interested in is width of columns which can be controlled on Excel side when switching off "Keep source formats" and setting a width of column of your choice in Excel.




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