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    SAP Report Connector - How to choose list format option

    Benjamin Stähr

      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to read data from Cluster B2 where I'm interested in the SALDO table.

      I identified the SAP Report Connector as the best way to do that.


      So I first fired up transaction  SE38 to check out RPCLSTB2. I get the following Options:



      Please notice that I chose 'Detailed description of all table entries'. Now when I run this I get exactly the desired results.


      I then switched to the Qlik SAP Report connector, which presents me with the following options (please click to view entire image):



      The resulting query returns the same information that can be seen in the preview window, which is not what I was after. It is the same data I would get from the above SAP dialog would I choose "List of personnel numbers and periods" in the List format options.


      How can I specify the desired "Detailed description of all table entries" in my query?


      Thanks and cheers