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    unable to execute set analysis date wise

    Chandrashekar Jakkula

      Dear All,


      facing problem of using set analysis


      we are created variables as below


      CCR_PPC : 


      =sum( { $ <Plant_Code= {'2300'}, Product_Type={1}, Material_Code={'CCRPPC'},  VC.Period=P(VC.Period) >} Quantity )


      CCR_PSC :


      =sum( { $ <Plant_Code= {'2300'}, Product_Type={1}, Material_Code={'CCRPSC'},  VC.Period=P(VC.Period) >} Quantity )

      When we are using above result in pivot table with expression as below

      if(match(PCSNO,7,8,9)<>0 and Plant_Code=2300,if(Material_Code_Product='PPC',CCR_PPC,if(Material_Code_Product='PSC',CCR_PSC,0)))


      then its giving result value of the month not day wise.