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    confusion about authentication with Qlik

    daniele casal




      There is some confusion in our dev team and we cannot find definite answers in the documentation.



      Use Case:

      We are building our own web portal with our own authentication, session management with session cookie etc. and inside the portal we would like to show some Qlik iFrames...

      We have a MySQL database were we store user credentials, roles etc. and users have to login to our portal in order to see the Qlik content.




      The confusion is around the authentication we need to do with Qlik Sense.




      1) Does Qlik Sense have to know about all these users that are stored in our database? 2) Do we need to import users into Qlik Sense or use a "User Directory Connector"?



      One of the arguments here is that this import is not necessary since we are handling authentication ourselves in our portal. If this is correct why do we still need to send a userId and userDirectory in input to the Ticket or Session api?



      Also, for our specific use case described above:



      3) would it be more suitable to use Ticket or Session?



      If you could provide a short answer to the 3 questions above would be really appreciated.



      Thank you,