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    Oracle OLEDB is not working

    Navdeep Kumar

      Hi All,


      We are facing strange problem in QlikSense, our Oracle OLE DB connection is not working, while testing connection it fails in data connection wizard, however if we create ODBC DSN, we are able to access using ODBC


      ODBC is very slow, and we want to test out OLE DB once, please help us.




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          Bill Markham

          Oracle OLE DB works fine for me.


          Could you elaborate on what kind of "not working" you are getting ?


          Maybe a screenshot could help.

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              Navdeep Kumar

              Hey Bill,


              Thanks a lot for the response, I got it working with adding database detail in tnsnames.ora file, below are the steps, may be helpful for other users


              I was able to do it, Steps for installation.


              1. Download Oracle Client GUI version from Oracle website
              2. Download ODAC from Oracle website
              3. Install using setup.exe with all general properties
              4. Open Net Manager and add tsn
              5. Restart the server and it should start showing up under providers 'Oracle for OLE DB'
              6. Make Connection and it should work