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    Access Qlikview Access Point Via Internet ( For users Outside Network i.e. Not in our AD)

    alvinford ford

      Hi All,


      We are planning to provide access to Qlikview acesspoint for External users i.e. using a public IP. But I have few queries at Qlikview side . Please help to Answer below queries



      1. Can we access Qlikview  access point Via Internet using Qlikview Webserver Setup.  As no IIS is configured in our environment
      2. As mentioned , Access point will be accessed by users who are outside our network . How can Qlikview authenticate the Users . What are the steps I need to perform at Qlikview Server Side
      3. How can we restrict the User to access only one application. As the users are not in our AD and we are using the DMS Authorization.



      Thanks in Advance.