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    Date Load Issue

    Linda Pembroke

      I am having problems with loading a date (5/31/2017). ReportDate is the field which is shared between the two tables, but 2 date values keep showing for 5/31/2017. It is like QV is recognizing one of the dates as something other than a date.


      I am using these expressions to create the date fields:


      Table 1:

      Date(ReportDate,'M/D/YYYY') as ReportDate


      Table 2:

      Date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(P_ReportDate,-11)),'M/D/YYYY') AS ReportDate


      The field shows 2 dates for 5/31/2017...

      How can I fix this?

        • Re: Date Load Issue
          Peter Rieper

          without seeing the real data, you may ensure that both dates have the same data-type (in this case a date without decimals (= hours)).

          Table 1:

          Date(FLOOR(ReportDate),'M/D/YYYY') as ReportDate


          Table 2:

          Date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(FLOOR(P_ReportDate),-11)),'M/D/YYYY') AS ReportDate

          may do the trick already.

          Else you may have to check the import-formats and use DATE# in order to force the reading in a different format than your common format.