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    Transform selections in the field by a common rule

    Глеб Аитов



      I have the following data:


      Alpha 100

      Beta 200
      Theta 300
      Gamma 400


      I have set a new $(vPY) variable, which takes the selected field, subtracts certain number (say, 15) from the numeric part and returns the value. In set analysis I then use this variable as in the following example: SUM ( {< Product={ "$(=$(vPY) )" } >} Sales)


      Products selected$(vPY)

      Alpha 100

      Alpha 85
      Beta 200Beta 185
      Theta 300Theta 285
      Gamma 400Gamma 385


      Question 1: when multiple fields are selected, it returns nothing. What i need it to return is as follows, so i could continue to use it in set analysis:


      Products selected$(vPY)
      Alpha 100, Beta 200Alpha 85, Beta 185


      Question 2: when nothing is selected in the FIELD, the variable returns nothing. Effectively the formula gives the following result SUM ( {< Product={ } >} Sales), and thus returns zero sales. I need to tell Qlik to disregard the Product dimension, when nothing is selected in the Product field.

      So far I managed to do it with the IF statement, but this is clumsy (if(GetSelectedCount(Product)=0, SUM (Sales), SUM ( {< Product={ "$(=$(vPY) )" } >} Sales)



      Thank you!