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    Execute powershell command in qv script and reload using distribution service

    Rafał Ciurej

      Hi, I created script in qv to download file from Web page using powershell + BITS. Everything is working fine when I reload document manually but when I run it through management control or just wait for scheduled start, it's not working. There is no error or anything but it just won't download file. I'm log file I can see the script and it looks like there is no issue but I don't get any file. I checked allow to execute external program in document properties. What can be wrong here?

      My script:



      Let vCOMMAND = 'Import-Module BitsTransfer

      Start-BitsTransfer -Source http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/estat-navtree-portlet-prod/BulkDownloadListing?file=table_of_contents.xml -Destination D:\QLIKVIEW\Dane\WEB\EUROSTAT\table_of_contents.xml';

      Execute powershell -command $(vCOMMAND);



      Thanks in advance