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    Over Due Dates

    Ariana Ford

      So my data currently comes in with a date, this is the date that the complaint is recieved




      24hrs from this date there is a deadline that must be met, if it is met in the 3D COMPLETE feild there will be a date so for example



      then , each customer has their own amount of time from the original complaint date  say this customer has 15 days, so D5 must be complete by




      If we are past this date it needs to show overdue, and if possible how many days overdue, then if that is completed within its window it moves onto d8 and for d8 it has to be complted within 30 days of the original complaint date,

      so 12/12/2015


      if that is not completed within that time, it must say overdue.


      Is there a way that I can code this into my load script, or into a master item? I would love some help with this!


      I have created some look up tables in the case that I need them, I also have attatched a sample of my data.