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    Account Activation Stats help required

    Krishna Venkataraman

      Hi Experts , i need some help to get a table like this. but acheiving this seems to be going a bit far.


      i have new accounts and its details of date opened etc in a text file. The transactions file (huge huge) has huge pile of transactions since the account creation date. i am looking for statistics of the current month accounts opened and the activated account below talks about atleast 1 transaction of the opened account in the specified month.

      for ex : in the month of january, 91/103 have used and rest not made any transaction.

      i am trying to put this in QVW but not getting the right logic to build this.


      for the activated account, i am looking for the first occurence of the transaction and counting as 1.  i have attached my QVW, i tried using the min (transaction date) to get the first occurence  and even tried few combinations around firstsortedvalue or allocate a key using autonumberhash256. no results yet. might be complicating my self.


      Month AcquiredOpened AccountsActivated Account% Activated