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    matrix visualization

    george papadopoulos

      I need to display a visual table that contains two different dimensions in rows/columns and fact data

      in each column.


      Assume we have two DB-tables:


      ChannelTypes - with columns:

           ChannelTypeID  int

           ChannelTypeDesc varchar(50)


      BudgetTypes - with columns

          BudgetTypeID int

          BudgetTypeDesc varchar(50)


      and a third DB-table that contains the facts:


      factTargets - with columns:

           BudgetTypeID int

           ChannelTypeID int

           Amount double


      Then the first row in the visual table should display the relevant ChannelTypeDesc

      and the first column in the visual table should display the relevant BudgetTypeDesc

                                        BudgetA        BudgetB        BudgetC     BudgetD

      ChannelTypeA      sum(amount)    sum(amount)  .....

      ChannelTypeB      sum(amount)   .....

      ChannelTypeC      ....


      This type of visual can be easily created in PowerBI using the "Matrix" component,

      but I can't find a way to do this in QlikSense.

      Thanks in advance !

        • Re: matrix visualization
          Mark Ritter

          If you only have the 4 Budget Types this could easily be done in a straight table using some SetAnalysis in your measures.


          So ChannelTypeDesc would be your Dimension.


          Each measure would be Sum({<BudgetTypeID={'1'}>} amount)

                                              Sum({<BudgetTypeID={'2'}>} amount), etc.

          I think that would work based on what you described.