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    Fomula issue with set analysis

    Antonio del Castillo Puig

      Hi all,


      I am having problems with this formula, which I want to extend to the rest of the months:


      ((sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Jan'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Rental_Days * (1+[vRDs_Av_CALLCENTER_1])))


      ((sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Jan'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Rental_Days * (1+[vRA_Av_CALLCENTER_1])))


      (sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Jan'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Contador_RAs))))




      ((sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Feb'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Rental_Days * (1+[vRDs_Av_CALLCENTER_2])))


      ((sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Feb'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Rental_Days * (1+[vRA_Av_CALLCENTER_2])))


      (sum({$<Escenario={ $(=Only(Esc_1))},Month = {'Feb'},Channel = {'CallCenter'} >} Contador_RAs))))


      Just letting this formula like this, if I select the two months (Jan and Feb), I got the right number. However, if I select just one month, the value doesn´t apper. I guess because of the one I dont select result in null, also because of the divide in the formula.


      Could anyone help me to try to convert the null in a 0 or something like that?


      Many thanks!