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    Radius from a lat long point

    ms low

      Hi Qlik-ers,


      I am trying to draw a circle (based on the radius in km) around a lat long point. I refer to the sample file, Shipments by distance (Qlik Sense Guides & Examples « bi.idevio.com).


      1. In the sample file, x-coord and y-coord are already available. Do i have to manually convert lat,long to x,y and feed it in qliksense ?

      Can I get x,y using qlik sense geoanalytics?


      2. In the sample file script, there is a calculation for distance i.e. $(birdDistance(11.9709, 57.7064, x_coord, y_coord)) as dist.

      Does anyone know why 1st and 2nd parameter are hardcoded?


      Many Thanks.