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    Is it possible to import dates as column headers?

    Artion Karreci


      QlikSense Desktop 3.1 SR6: I'm trying to import an Excel file (.xlsx) in QlikSense that uses the first row for column headers. Some of them have a date in them formated as month-year ex. may-16.  (The rest of the column has numbers as data, just the first row has a date in it.) Importing it in QlikSense it is interpreted as a number not as a date, ex. 41275 for dicember-13. I tried to play with the importing script by using the date() function, ex. date(41275, 'MM-YY') as 41275 (as suggested in replyes to similar questions), but it turns that this make QlikSense treat the data of the full column, not just the first row/header as dates. The only things that I found to work properly is by modifying the excel file by changing the first row in text, or by modifying the script with the as function, ex. 41275 as 'dicember-13', and so on for every column header tha has a date in it.


      Is there any other automated way to achieve this?


      Thank you in advance.