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    Month on Month Varance..

    sravan Vennu

      Hi All,


      I am trying get variance between selected month vs previous month. For this I have assigned MonthID for month, created 2 variables i.e. for CurrentMonth and CurrentMonth -1 and called in Set Analysis.


      Just to test I have taken it in text object:

      =sum({<MonthID={$(vMonthID)}>}Actuals)& ' - '&sum({<MonthID={$(vMonthID_1)}>}Actuals)


      But when ever I select Month Name from Month field, it's giving the Actuals for selected month but not for previous month.


      If I select the Month from MonthID field, that's giving me the correct values i.e. Current Actuals - Previous Actuals.


      On Selection of Month Field:

      On Selection of MonthID:

      Need help to show the variance based on Month Name selections.


      Note: My Financial Calendar Starts from Oct to Sep. So, MonthID for Nov as 2.



      LOAD * INLINE [
      ANZ_CalenderDate, Actuals
      01/01/2017, 1000, A
      02/03/2017, 2000, B
      03/02/2017, 3000, A
      04/06/2017, 4000, B

      Month(ANZ_CalenderDate) as Month,
      AutoNumber(ANZ_CalenderDate) as MonthID,
      Year(ANZ_CalenderDate) as Year,
      Resident Date;
      DROP Table Date;