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    KPI Date comparisons challenges Sense(3.2.4)

    Buck Master

      The KPI needs to count all tickets that have not been completed on-time from the ticket start date ( plus 60 days)

           where its greater then the actual completion date .


      The first snag is that some of the start dates can be null, also the completion date might be null if it wasn't completed yet.

      So the rule is : Count (startdate +60 > completiondate)


      the two fields are datetime formatted

      Question is how do i plan for this?


      Sample dates provided:

           Startdate                 = 05/09/2017 7:43:50 AM

           Completiondate      = 07/03/2017 9:34:45 PM

      I included some sample dates.

      The following attempt is not returning anything

      Count({< [date([startdate]={">=$(=date([startdate] +60, 'MM/DD/YYYY')) >$(=DATE(completiondate, 'MM/DD/YYYY')) "} >} [Tickets]))


      What about the nulls, how do i deal with that?

      What is the secret , and an example would be great.


      Thanks community