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    Search folders inside Apps

    Jeshwin Rodriques

      What is the function of 'Search' sub folder, present inside the 'Apps' folder? Inside this folder I can see my apps and lots of files with encrypted names. What is the use of it and what does it do?



      Thanks in advance!

        • Re: Search folders inside Apps
          Ali Hijazi

          Set vConcatenate = ;

          sub ScanFolder(Root)

                    for each FileExtension in 'csv' /* put your extension that you are searching for */

                              for each FoundFile in filelist( Root & '\*.' & FileExtension)



                                        LOAD *, '$(FoundFile)' as SourceFile

                                        FROM [$(FoundFile)] (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq, header is 2 lines);

                                        Set vConcatenate = Concatenate;

                              next FoundFile

                    next FileExtension

                    for each SubDirectory in dirlist( Root & '\*' )

                              call ScanFolder(SubDirectory)

                    next SubDirectory

          end sub


          Call ScanFolder('your_directory') ;