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    How to link my tables ?

    Talla Deffo Yannick

      Hello to all,

      I have some problem with a load script. I have 3 tables with this limit column


      LignesCommande     Commande     Segmentation

      -Order_ID                  -Order_ID       -Cli_Code

      -Period                      -Cli_Code       -Period


      My tables LignesCommande and Commande is already link through Order_ID and I have to add a new table Segmentation.


      In Segmentation table I have to create a concatenate column (Cli_Code and Period) and I have to link with a table LignesCommande.


      My question is: How to brink the column Cli_Code in a table LignesCommande present in table Commande to make the concatenation (Cli_Code and Period) and link table Segmentation and table LignesCommande ?


      Any help or idea please ?