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    Master Calendar

    Duckin Lama

      Hi All,


      I have two date fields in two different table which I would want to link using the Master Calendar. These two tables have four other fields in common. Can someone help me how should I go about it?




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          Andy Weir

          Would suggest you contatenate the 2 tables into a single Fact table naming the fields the same where common and with a type field to seperate the content, that way the dates will work off the one calendar.

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            Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

            As Andy suggested you can concatenate if there are many fields with common names and common values.

            And for your Date field, create a Datekey for one of yous field.
            Ex: You may have row effective date or a start date....


            you'll have this below in Master Calendar....





            In your table you concatenated use same script


            trim(date(YOURFACTDATEFIELD,'YYYYMMDD'))as [DateID],


            This would link to master and I guess it should work... you don't need to map 2 dates fields, 1 date field should be ok.

            Or maybe an expert on this can help you.

            But If I were you, I'd do as above.

            To be more clear, it would be better if you can paste the screenshot of your data model or a sample file?