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    Qlik sense Upgrade

    Stephen Edberk G

      I am using Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1 SR2 .i have created xxx report in v3.1 SR2.

      but last week Qlik sense desktop is not opened so i had downloaded latest version of Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1 SR6.


      If i upgrade the latest version ,


      Is the created report of xxx is deleted or not?

        • Re: Qlik sense Upgrade
          Andy Weir

          Your exisitng reports should be fine.  I have upgraded desktop many times and I havent lost any Apps id previously created.  That said it doesnt hurt to be prepared so I suggest you take a back up /copy the contents of your Apps and Extensions folders somewhere else so you can get them back should you lose them to corruption of your machine.


          The act of upgrading itself wont lose you content.