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    Data load Issues

    kalpana putrevu

      While loading an excel file into Qlik sense,how to correct incorrect data if any?

      Also,can anyone explain how to change field names in qlik sense.

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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          If it is external file like XL, then maybe do it in XL it self before loading into Qlik Sense?

          It will be much easier to do by avoiding the backend scripts.

          And to change the name of the field you can use




          DATE as Date


          Check the below link...

          How to Rename Fields

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              kalpana putrevu

              Thanks Aehman for the prompt reply.


              Is there any other way to rename a field in UI in addition to renaming it from the load script or from data manager?

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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  You can change the Label in chart properties which you already know I guess?

                  But if you have in your script

                  Effective_Dates as a field name

                  and in front end in Label you changed it to Start Date.

                  Then upon selection of that field, on top in current selections, you'll still see the field name as Effective_Dates but not Start Date.

                  Hence you need to change the names in script only.

                  At least I did not find any solution to this thing.

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                      kalpana putrevu

                      Yes,i know that you can change the label in chart properties.


                      Can you also change a field name from data manager as mentioned below:


                      1.After u drag n drop an excel file onto app overview,in data manager under Tables ,edit this table .

                      2. Data manager->Add data->Attach Files->select the file->next->click on file name and change the field name.

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                          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                          Yes Kalpana you can rename the field names either way...


                          when you drag and drop the file into Data Manager, you can select the file and at the bottom you can click the Edit icon to edit the file or rename the fields.Capture.PNG

                          As shown in above image, click the yellow icon after selecting the file and then next to the field on top you can place your cursor to rename the field.

                          Once you load it the field names will come as


                          ABC as ABCD

                          BCD as BCDE.... etc

                          And also you can do same after making the data connection in Data Load Editor, when you select the file you can place the cursor next to field name and give your new field name...

                          The end result would be same as above example



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                    Joonas Jäspi

                    What kind of incorrect data? There's plenty of ways to clean and transform data in Qlik. If it's a problem with text fields you can check this article:


                    Data Cleansing