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    Loading Tables on Data Manager for viewing Associations Never Ends

    Patrick Alverga

      Hello everybody,




      I am a user of Qlik Cloud Business, paid version, and i have created some dashboards for clients, last week when i uploaded more data to one of these apps, i noticed that i no longer able to visualize the data associations or table, in order to check the referrences and estabilish new connections among primary keys.. The screen keps on "loading tables ;;;" and it only happens in one fo my apps. THe other ones are taking a little longer than usual but they end up loading.


      I have tested in different places in order to see if it was a bad internet connection, but it has the same behaviour.


      If anybody could give me hint of what is going on, i would apreciate it very much. Loading tables.png


      P.S. I am using Excel files as the data files, and i have loaded about 13 files that altogether is about 12 MB. Also, i can access the app and use it, and create graphics, it´s only a visualization problem.