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    Reload Schedule - Skipping Date

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a QMC task that was supposed to kick off at 08:01 AM this morning, but it didn't.  When I look at the Operations App, I see that the Reload chain was kicked off at 6AM, but not at the 08:01AM trigger.


      Curiously,  when I look at the time for the next execution of my Task, I see that it says 6PM when it should really read 2PM






      When I open the Trigger to see if something might be wrong with it, I don't find any reason for it to be skipped.





      Does anyone have any idea why a Task might not be kicked off and in fact be skipped?  Also, this is the first task in a chain, so there are no preceding tasks that could have failed and stopped the chain.  Another thing to note, the server was not restarted during this period as I can see in powershell when the server was last Powered Off, Rebooted and the times don't match up.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.