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    Qlik Nprint Filtering Email Recipents based on conditions

    Naveen joseph

      I am trying to develop a custom alerts from the dashboard,the below is my data.




      In the above data there are 3 users who are interested in the speeds of different vehicles. Mr James is only interested in F-150's whose speed exceeded 120 miles per hour, and would like the report  (basically screenshot of the dashboard) whenever the F-150's exceeds   120 miles/hour. Similarly John watches Fusion and would like the report (basically screenshot of the dashboard ) send to him whenever the Fusions exceed 120 miles and Smith watches BMW and would expect the report to him whenever BMW exceeds 120 miles.


      (Please note that there is only 1 report template which is basically the screen shot of the dashboard with appropriate filters applied.

      I have around 400 users watching different Vehicles and having different thresholds, with various filter criteria's, I capture there filters and Username's,userthreshold  using macros which gets fed into Qlik as a table )


      My problem is when the report runs, it cycles through the username and produces the report if the condition is satisfied, but since the recipient is a static list , it just sends all the produced reports to every person, like James will have F-150 and Fusion whereas he expects only F-150. How do I control the email send, so that each user will get only the one which they have subscribed for ?