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    Hw does Qliksense handle data updates?

    Varun Malhotra

      Hi Experts,


      i have a query regarding the way Qliksense handles data updates. I mean if an existing entry is changed/updated/deleted then will it require a full load to bring the changes in Qliksense dashboard or does Qliksense supports Delta refresh of data.

      my connection is with Amazon web server i.e. MySQL Database.


      Suppose I have a case where in an order is placed and is pending for approval and then next week the same is approved and suppose there are 10,000 orders a day for a single city and for 10 cities the data goes up to 100,000 records a day. So, in this case when the orders are approved Qliksense will update the data (in incremental refresh case) and create 700,000 duplicate entries or will it just update the existing entries based on the order number(order number is primary key)?

      So my question is that how does Qliksense handle it?

      As I need to show my customers the current state of data.