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    Parsing a String Field and placing values into other fields in the same table

    Helene Rao

      We import data from Salesforce tables. Some of those tables include Multi Picklist values that come in as text strings separated by a ";"

      eg: one record could have a field value 'value 1;value 2;value 4'. Another record could have the field value  'value 3;value 4;value 5'


      I would like create a load script that will  "explode" these multi picklist values into multiple fields inside my Qlik Table.


      If my data in Salesforce looks like this:


      Case Record IdCase Reason
      Case 1Value 1;Value 2;Value 4
      Case 2Value 1;Value 3;Value 4
      Case 3Value 1;Value 2;Value 3;Value 5


      I would like to get a table that looks like this:

      Case Record IdValue 1Value 2Value 3Value 4Value 5
      Case 111010
      Case 210110
      Case 311101


      One thing i should say is that my list of possible values in my picklist is preset - i know what they are and therefore the structure of my final table is preset and does not need to be dynamic.


      I have gone down the path of trying to run a For Next statement to parse  the Case Reason string but i don't know how to include the results inside  a load statement or how to update a resident table with the final details.


      Any help veryvery appreciated