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    Qlikview reports in different Languages with N-printing

    Court van de Lisdonk


      I have a problem and I hope someone hast the answer.

      In the application I have build, there is it possible to change the language (English, German, Dutch).

      For this I use an Exelfile DataDict. In the application I use = Only({<Index = {27}>} $(vLanguage)) for

      1. example. Where 27 is the row in de Excelfile with the words in different languages in different columns. In this case “Sales Invoice Document” in English, “Verkaufsrechnung Dokument” in German.


      For reports we use N-Printing, we configure the reports in N-printing not in Qlikview.


      The problem is this: when we configure a report with tables etc. not the title “Sales Invoice Document” or “Verkaufsrechnung Dokument” (as in the application) is printed but = Only({<Index = {27}>} $(vLanguage)).


      Is there a solution? Without using static names and titles?


      1. PS. I have to say, in my other jobs as Qlikview Developer I never used N-Printing for developing reports, only for printing and sending with mail, the reports were made in Qlikview. And I only had applications with one language.