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    Control Binary Load in Script

    Mark Ritter

      Is this possible?


      I am doing a binary load in my app.


      However, when I move my app from DEV to Prod I need to load a different app id for the same app.


      So I put code in my script for both.  But I have to remember to manually change it when I move the app to Prod.


      Is there a way in the script to identify which server I am on and automatically load the correct app id?


      I tried an If statement but it didn't like that.  I was also thinking using a variable.  But you can't put that in front of the binary load statement.


      Here is the code that I am currently using:



      Binary 'lib://QSApps/45d5cbab-2850-4633-bce1-79bb29716fad';



      //Binary 'lib://QSApps/02ff1369-8522-45f6-8241-3651623e47db';