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    QlikView: Set Analysis to Count Items with A and Only A

    Karen Anjema


      I have data like this


      Month           Invoice #       Attributes

      May                123                  A

      May                123                  B

      May                124                  A

      June                125                  B

      June                125                  C

      June                126                  A

      June                126                  C

      July                  127                  A

      July                  128                  A

      July                  128                  B

      July                  128                  C

      July                  129                  C

      July                  130                  A


      I would like to count how many invoices have A and only A.  In this sample data, this would be invoices 124, 127, 130.


      I would make a chart (pivot table) and I would like the end result to look like this:


      Month           #Invoices with Only A

      May                1

      June               0

      July                 2


      Is it possible to compute the[ # Invoices with Only A] expression using Set Analysis?


      I know I could make something in the LOAD script to flag the invoices but I’m wondering if this is possible in set analysis.