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    Selecting all items within dimensions containing specified values

    Joanna Solik


      I am new to Qlik Sense. I need to be able to create a dashboard in which a user filters specified values in let's say column 'A'

      and then based on that selection the table appears in which we can see all line items contained within group with at least value chosen by a user. So the column 'A' visible in the table will contain also some other values (not specified by the user).

      For example if the user chose in the filter pane that he is interested in values equal to '0' in Column A, the resulting table could be as follows:


      Column B             Column A

      X                          0

      X                          1

      X                          2

      Y                          1

      Y                          1

      Y                          0


      I have no idea how to achieve this 'containing' feature.