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    Extract Data from BO Universe to Qlikview

    Bennet Eapen

      Hi guys,


      I searched via multiple links but didn't get any straightforward answer. Many links mentioned about DataRoket but I don't think it exists anymore. Can anyone shed some light on this ? I know there's a Salesforce connector. Would there be something similar for SAP Business Objects ?



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          Giuseppe Ciampanelli

          BO Universe doesn't actually contain data. The data are contained in the BO Report. The Universe is just a semantic layer where are defined the analityc object's metadata (SQL definition) and the rules that drive the Reporting generator for creating the SQL statement dinamically.

          When you build a new Report in BO, you choice the Universe, then you select the objects you need. (you compose the DB query).

          Every object is defined by its metadata (source table and SQL definition).

          After that, a complete SQL statement (query) is dinamically created then you run the report, the system open a DB connection, data are retrieved and a local provider is populated.

          After that, you compose the presentation objects (pivot table, graph...) that show the data retrieved by the query.


          Conclusion: you can extract data from BO Report or you can capture the SQL underlying statement but not from a Universe.

          I don't know if some official/thirdy part tool exists to do that automatically.

          That's what I remember of my past experience with BO

          Hope this helps.